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Ferrari 250 LM Pininfarina Berlinetta s/n 6025

The 18th of 32 250 LMs built, 6025 was sent by Ferrari to Pininfarina in 1965 to be specially prepared as a road car.  Ferrari’s intention was to convince the FIA that street versions of the LM were being produced and that these would provide the basis of the 100 cars to homologate the LM for FIA GT racing in 1965.  This was of course all smoke and mirrors.  And as soon as the FIA homologated the LM, the production run shut down at 32 cars.

6025 is a full-race LM in every sense, including the chassis, suspension, motor and transmission.  Pininfarina and Ferrari made the following changes to the car in 1965:

1. The interior was finished in leather.
2. Electric windows were added.
3. The roof panels were modified to facilitate entry.
4. A long plexiglass rear window with built-in louvers was added.
5. Bumperettes were added to the front and rear.
6. A grill was added to the nose, along with directional lights.
7. The screening at the rear was deleted and louvers were added to the lower rear.
8. The rear fender vents were covered with vented covers.

Luigi Chinetti no doubt had a hand in the specification of the car.  The white exterior with a blue stripe, along with the red interior, was a not-too-subtle indicator that the car would be delivered to the US.

6025 was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1965.  It was then shown at the 1965 New York Auto Show and delivered to Luigi Chinetti.

Its first registered owner after Chinetti was Regis Lippert.  From Lippert 6025 was sold to Sam Brown.  It was then owned by Al Garthwaite (Algar Enterprises), who used it sparingly as a road car in Philadelphia.  He sold the car to Alan Patterson in 1977.  6025 was thought to have less than 1000 miles at that time.

Tom Stegman acquired 6025 from Patterson in the early 1980s and it until 2006.  He had the car restored.  It won Best of Show at the Ferrari Club of America National Meet in 1991 and was shown several times since thereafter.  In 2004, 6025 was shown at Pebble Beach.  It has been featured in a variety of publications, including Cavallino # 68 and Automobiles Classiques # 64.

6025 was sold to Manny Del Arroz early in 2006.  It was then completely sorted by Motion Products.

Notwithstanding its full-race specification drivetrain and chassis, 6025 is, to my knowledge, the only LM never to have been raced.  It has never been damaged and is, likely, the most original remaining LM.   It is a spectacular car.  It has not left the US since 1965.

250 LM # 6025 (front)

250 LM 6025 (left)