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Ferrari 375 MM Pininfarina Speciale Berlinetta s/n 0490AM

This, the last 375 MM, was built with one-off bodywork by Pininfarina.  Using a Type 102 competition chassis and a Type 108 competition motor (with internal number 238), it was one of only ten 375 MMs with Berlinetta bodywork.  It retained the basic design elements of the "production" 375 MM Berlinettas but integrated new developments, including a 250 GT-style front grill; grills in the front fenders styled like those on Tony Parravano's 410S and 750 Monza; and raised fins on the rear fenders.  Along with two 250 GTs specially bodied by Pininfarina, 0393 GT and 0403 GT, 0490 AM represented a true development beyond Pininfarina's early designs for Ferrari and influenced Scaglietti's design for the 250 GT Tour de France series.  In addition to being unique, it is breathtakingly beautiful and majestic.  

Completed in March of 1955, it was first shown at the Turin Auto Show in April of that year.  Late in 1955, it was delivered to Inico Bernabei, a Ferrari dealer in Rome.  Bernabei then sold the car to a Count who was based near Rome.  In 1960, 0490 AM was sold to Luigi Chinetti and was brought to the US.  It was then sold to Eddie Weschler in Milwaukee and, later in the 1960s, to Carl DeBickero in Illinois.  In 1972, 0490 AM was sold to only its fourth private owner, Larry Slattery, also of Illinois.  Slattery would own the car for 30 years.  He sold it to Manny del Arroz in 2002.  It was then cosmetically restored to the highest standards by Motion Products.  It won its class at Pebble Beach in 2004 and was shown at Villa d'Este in 2005.  It has been featured in Cavallino issues 134 and 148.  Other than being cosmetically restored, it is completely original and is still fitted with its original motor and gearbox.

0490 in 1955, left

0490 in 1955, front

0490 in 1955, rear

0490 in 1955, right front

0490 in 2008, right

0490 in 2007, left

0490, interior