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Osca 1600 GT Zagato Berlinetta s/n 0094

The Maserati brothers started Osca in the late-1940s, after they sold Maserati to the Orsi family.  They would build about 100 MT4, TN, and F2S sports racing cars in the 1950s.  Then, in the 1960s, they would turn their attention to building GT cars.

0094 is a 1963 1600 GTS Berlinetta Competizione Allegerita with coachwork by Zagato.  Of approximately 120 Osca 1600 GTs built, only 32 had Zagato bodies.  And, of the 32 Zagato-bodied 1600 GTs, some were street-specification cars with lower performance motors and a few did not have the double bubble roof.  0094 is, therefore, among perhaps 20 lightweight competition cars with a double bubble roof.  It also has plexi-glass windows (other than the windshield, that was always glass in these cars).

Engine: Four cylinders, twin overhead camshaft, twin Weber 42DCOE carburetors, 1568cc, 144 HP at 8000 RPM.  High compression competition specification.  Designed with the help of Aurelio Lampredi, the ex-Ferrari engine designer.

Gearbox: Close ratio five-speed manual.
Suspension: Fully independent.
Brakes: Four-wheel disc.
Wheels: Lightweight Magnesium Elektron.
Steering wheel location: Left hand drive.
Seats: Lightweight “Alfa SZ-style” Zagato.
Weight: Approximately 1650 LBS.


0094 was sold, directly from Osca, to Alberto Luti in Firenze, Italy, in February of 1963.  Luti registered the car with Automobile Club Italia and raced it in the following events:

- September 8, 1963, 2nd in class – Ascoli-Colle San Marco;
- October 6, 1963, wore # 206, 3rd in class – Pontedecimo-Giovi;
- October 13, 1963, 1st in class – Coppa Belvedere at Pescara;

Luti would race the car in other local races and hillclimbs throughout 1963.  It was painted white at the time and wore Italian registration number “222755-F”.

In January of 1964, 0094 was sold to Nello Serafini in Rome, Italy.  Then, in 1967, it was sold to Gianmaria Favia in Bologna.

In 1975, 0094 was sold to Howard Ritter in the US.  It would return back to Italy in 1988, when it was sold to noted historian Maurizio Tabucchi in Pistoia, Italy.  Daniel Bovo was also involved with the car at that time.  During Tabucchi’s ownership the car would be meticulously restored over a multi-year period.  Photographs document the restoration that was completed in the mid-1990s. 

It was then registered for road use and carried registration number “ZA 887 KX.”  Abraham Kogan (c/o Lucinda Interests UK) owned the car in the mid-1990s.

Through a Christies auction held in England in March of 1999, 0094 was sold to a new owner in the UK.  Tony Green owned it through to May of 2005 (with registration number “BHK 104A”).  It then came to the US.  It appeared in a multi-page article in the July 2005 issue of Classic & Sports Car (see pages 140 to 143).

Since that time, 0094 has been exceptionally maintained and, recently, it was re-jetted and it is running superbly.  It is among very few 1600 GT Zagatos that are documented since new.

1600 GT # 0094 in '63



interior (right)